Scientific  conference  "Infoteh-Jahorina"   22 is open today.   International  scientific  conference  "Infoteh-Jahorina",  where    more    than  200  papers  from  18  countries were  submitted.

Assistant Minister  for  Scientific and Technological  Development  of The Republic of  Srpska  Zoran  Vujkovic  said    that  this  gathering  is  visible  in  international  terms, and  with  the line  ministry  it is categorized    as  a gathering  of the first  The government  and     the  government  have been supporting it  for years.

"It is   so  nice  to see  a large  number  of submitted  works  and   I am sure  that the gathering    will  have  great  success  ,"   Vujkovic told  reporters  before  the rally  opened.

Rector of the University   of East  Sarajevo  Milan  Kulić    emphasizes his satisfaction  that  he is  attending the opening of  this  scientific  conference  , which  is  extremely  important  for  the University, and  the fact  that  the authors  are from  18  countries            It  speaks volumes about  its quality and gives additional  impetus  to the University. 

- This  is  an important  scientific  conference  for the sake of  the wider  community,  because  the Republic  of Srpska  and  BiH    are  small  and  economically  underdeveloped, and   the Faculty of Electrical Engineering  east  Sarajevo  has  a special  mission  to new  technologies  and    innovations  enable  Srpska  and  institutions  to  evenly    engage  in  the world's  global trends    of digitalization  -  said  Kulić.

    Božidar    Popović,  Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering  of the University  of  East Sarajevo  , said    that  more  than  200  papers were  submitted to the  symposium, and 179  received  positive  reviews.  

  Popović states  that  the symposium  has surpassed  the regional  area  and  has become  a serious  international  meeting    where  they have   submitted  13  student  papers.

Rector of the University  of  Pristina  with  temporary headquarters    in  Kosovska  Mitrovica  , Nebojsa  Arsic  , points out  that  he  is  glad  that  they are attending  the  important  22nd International University of Pristina. International    scientific conference  in  the field of  electrical engineering  .

Arsic   adds  that  they  have  excellent  cooperation with  the Faculty of  Electrical Engineering  in  East  Sarajevo  , which  includes  numerous  projects,  exchange  of students,  teaching  staff,  but  not  only  between  their two    Universities,  but also with  universities  from  the EU.

 M    :tel  Ceo Milan  Aleksijević  said    that  they  are  the silver  sponsors  of this  very  important  symposium,  and  that  they have    a long-standing relationship          with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in East Sarajevo. A collaboration  that  is  reflected  in  projects  and  programs.

The main thematic  areas of  the symposium  are:  Computer  Systems  and  Software,  Communication  Systems  and  Technologies,  Energy  Systems,  Production  Systems,  Management Systems  ,  Electronic  Systems.

The organizer of the conference  is  the Faculty of Electrical Engineering    of the University   of East  Sarajevo  in  cooperation  with  the Faculties of Electrical Engineering    in  Banja Luka  and  Belgrade,  the Faculty  of Technical  Sciences  from  Novi  Sad,  electronic  faculty  from  Niš  and  technical  co-sponsorship  of the Institute  of Electrical  and   Electronics Engineers.

International Symposium  "Infoteh  Jahorina"  brings  together experts,  scientists,  engineers,  researchers  and  students  in  the field of  information  technologies  and  their  application  in  the field  of management systems,  communication  systems,  production  and  electronic  systems,  power engineering  and  other  fields  of electrical engineering  and  computing.

The first symposium  "Infoteh  Jahorina"   was held  in 2001. It      attracts  a significant  number  of participants  mainly  from  the Western    Balkans  region and  maintains  good  quality  and  number  of submitted  and  presented  works.

The symposium    runs through  Friday, The 17th.  Martha.

Source: Katera.


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