Student life

What to say about student life at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering?!

When we finish high school, we find ourselves at a crossroads! Which path to choose, which path should we learn to walk, will that choice make us happy, will the chosen path completely fulfill our personality and our expectations from life?! These are many questions that are running through our heads. Making a decision is not easy!

When we have already decided on a profession, all that remains is to start walking along the path we have chosen, hoping that we will fully develop into a healthy academic personality along the way.

We enter the building of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering for the first time to present our certificates, and then we are caught by a small blink. What is that? Maybe the fear that we didn't make a good decision or that we won't be able to affirm our personality there in the way we always wanted. It's the day of the entrance exam in mathematics, and there are so many thoughts, so much knowledge or ignorance in the head of a future freshman. This is the first knowledge test on ETF, and there will be many more. We are learning how to approach our responsibilities at this faculty. It should be done as well as possible and in that way find your place in the world of electrical engineering because we all belong somewhere, by personality, by knowledge, we all have our own place in society, that is the reality.

Don't think that a student's life is only about studying, it's much more than that, it's also socializing! At the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, we also have student organizations that complete the social life of students. We learn how to organize ourselves, how to help each other, learn from each other and make lifelong friends. We are all united by one institution, one profession. Finally, we got the index, we only officially became students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Next come the freshman evenings organized by student organizations, where we get to know our colleagues. Every student, as a member of ETF, has the opportunity to become a member of one of the student organizations. At our faculty, there are two student organizations that deal with student issues, namely Stelex and Eestec.

  • Stelex (Student Electrotechnical Club and Service) was founded on November 22, 1968. as an association of citizens. It was created to help students exercise their basic rights during their studies, which is also its primary task. Over time, this organization gained in importance and took the main place in the organization of electrical engineering students. Various educational, cultural and sports activities are organized within Stelex. Stelex is the supreme organization that deals with the issue of organizing sports and knowledge competitions, i.e. organizing ELECTRIADA. In order to collect funds to go to the competition, students are involved in various activities. One of the many activities is afforestation, which not only provided the students with material means to go to ELEKTRIADA, but also good socializing through work. Students, who fight for this student organization to continue to be the basic cell of student life, participate in various humanitarian actions, e.g. donating blood. As a sign of gratitude from health institutions, students are given the right to participate in various symposia where they are encouraged to further volunteer work. The organization of parties is also within the competence of Stelex. One of the most famous themed parties that Stelex organizes is the Graphity party, where students have the opportunity to express their creativity by drawing various motifs on T-shirts. There are also prizes, the most creative t-shirt gets a prize, so good fun is guaranteed, and the competitive spirit is always present, of course, everything within normal limits. Let's not forget numerous socializing with members of other student organizations and visiting their parties. This is what makes student life complete. If you are a member of Stelex, you have the opportunity to express your creativity and ability to organize various student events. Good and creative ideas have always come in handy. Stelex members and all interested students with their ideas can help in writing the "Elektropionir" magazine. That magazine is a collection of student "pearls" at the faculty, and at the same time very educational in nature, with a lot of topics from the field of electrical engineering.
  • The Electrical Engineering STudents European Association is an organization of electrical engineering and IT students from universities across Europe. Local Committee is the name for the local branch of this organization. EESTEC currently has 46 local committees in more than 20 European countries, with over 2000 members. Our local committee organizes a student exchange once a year. Socializing with students from various countries is the framework of this program.

In the premises of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering there is also a local Cisco Academy lasting four semesters. It is a course that trains students in the field of network and networking and prepares them to possess qualifications to work on modern CISCO equipment. ETF students have certain discounts when paying for the semester. Hard-working students have the opportunity to affirm their abilities by writing papers that they present at the Infotech Jahorina Symposium every year. Then they can meet many successful people from the field of science and form a model of a successful academic citizen for themselves. Every year after the end of the exam period, they organize a student party outdoors in front of the student dormitory located in Čiča, not far from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

Elektrijada, which if you are an ETF student, do not miss! ETF students in East Sarajevo won numerous sports and knowledge awards at ELECTRIJADE held in Teslić, Kopaonik, Čanj, Budva, Ohrid...

Join us and live the life of a student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, it's not bad!