Resources of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of East Sarajevo (ETF) uses its own building with an area of about 22,000 m2. The faculty building is sufficient to provide adequate space for high quality teaching. The faculty library has over 15,000 library items. Within the library there is a reading room with 24 seats.

The faculty has significant laboratory resources and is one of the better equipped faculties in the wider area. The ETF laboratories are:

  • 1. Laboratory for basics of electrical engineering.
  • 2. Physics Laboratory.
  • 3. Laboratory for electrical measurements.
  • 4. Laboratory for electronics.
  • 5. High voltage laboratory.
  • 6. Laboratory for electrical machines and electric drives.
  • 7. Laboratory for telecommunications.
  • 8. Laboratory for robotics and mechatronics.
  • 9. Laboratory for embedded systems.
  • 10. Laboratory for programmable logic controllers.
  • 11. Laboratory for automation.
  • 12. Laboratory for renewable electric sources.
  • 13. Laboratory for informatics (8 different laboratories).