Representatives of M:tel presented computer equipment, consisting of ten modern computers, to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in East Sarajevo today.

The Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of East Sarajevo, Božidar Popović, thanked M:tel and its representatives for the donation, which, as he points out, is very valuable for the students of this Faculty.

Popovic recalled that last year this faculty received a modern computer room from the company M:tel, which he says is the best in the entire region.

- Five months after we got the computer hall, the company M:tel donated new computers to us in order to improve the working conditions of all students at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering – he stated.

Popović emphasized that he is very happy that M:tel has chosen the Faculty of Electrical Engineering for cooperation, which offers great benefits for students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of East Sarajevo.

- Apart from the fact that M:tel is a leader in the field of telecommunications in the republic of Srpska, BiH and the region, our students have the opportunity to get a job in M:tel after completing their studies thanks to the knowledge they have acquired at this faculty – said Popović.

Milan Aleksijević, Executive Director for Technology at M:tel, pointed out that today's donation of computers is a confirmation of long-term cooperation, which, as he says, will continue in the future.

- Our cooperation will only deepen in the coming period, primarily through donations, but also our m:scholarships for the best students - he said, adding that m:tel remains committed to the development of cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

Anja Bašević, a first-year student of the Department of Computer Science and Informatics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, expressed satisfaction with the equipment obtained because, as she says, she and her colleagues have the opportunity to work in a modern classroom, with modern equipment.

-I thank M:tel for making our studies easier – she concluded.

Source: Katera


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